Appropriate Performance Appraisal Example

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                                                                                   PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL
Name: Jonathan Doe                         A #: 555555555          Review Period:  Jan 2010 to Dec 2010                     
Position Title: Staff Assistant II                                            Department: Human Resources                              

Essential Functions/Responsibilities
Responsibility #1 and Percent of Time   50% 
Establish, Maintain, and update department files 
Supervisor Comments:
Organization needs to be improved by ensuring files are put away properly immediately after they are used. Files must not be left out, even on desks, if not being used. No files should be left out over night, even if they will be used the next day.  Timetables need to be created to prevent late forms.
Met Expectations: Yes  No  Exceeded  Explain if other than Yes: John was given a written warning on 11/15/2010 regarding lost files; since then the rate of missing files has gone down slightly. While the trend is going the right direction John knows he has 2 more months to bring this to zero missing files.”
Responsibility #2 and Percent of Time   35% 
Answer department phone. Take messages. Coordinate office activities and office upkeep.
Supervisor Comments:  Jonathan is very friendly and works well with other department members and callers on the phone. Jonathan's supervisor received a compliment from one individual for how Jonathan was able to resolve their problem.
Met Expectations: Yes  No  Exceeded  Explain if other than Yes: 
Responsibility #3 and Percent of Time   15% 
Schedule department meetings and trainings. Schedule meetings with other departments/businesses.
Supervisor Comments: Jonathan must ensure resources are prepared in advance for any meeting or training. Rooms need to be scheduled and prepared far enough in advance that any arising issues can be dealt with.
Met Expectations: Yes  No  Exceeded  Explain if other than Yes: Jonathan received a verbal warning on 10/5/2010 because of two instances with meetings that were cancelled or delayed because Jonathan failed to properly schedule/prepare the room for when the meeting was scheduled because of difficulties Jonathan had with Outlook's calendar.
Responsibility #4 and Percent of Time ______
Supervisor Comments
Met Expectations: Yes  No  Exceeded  Explain if other than Yes:
Responsibility #5 and Percent of Time ______
Supervisor Comments
Met Expectations: Yes  No  Exceeded  Explain if other than Yes:
 Employee Development Goals and Training Plans:
Goal                                                                                                             Training Source                                         Completion Date
Complete Organization and Efficiency training                      Skill Path Seminars                       Feb 2011
Complete Outlook webinar training                                       Franklin Covey Webinar                 Mar 2011
Employee Comments:

 *Employee Signature: _______________________________         Date: ________________________________________
Supervisor Signature: _______________________________         Date: ________________________________________
                   Title: ___________________________________
Administrator Signature: _____________________________         Date: ________________________________________
                   Title: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________
*Signature does not indicate that an employee is in agreement with the performance assessment. It is an acknowledgement that the performance appraisal was conducted and the employee received a copy of the appraisal.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (REV. 2/11/10)