Deciding to Terminate Quick Training

Keep This in Mind

  • Never terminate without first contacting Human Resources!

  • When you contact Human Resources, make sure you have all documentation available

  • The reason(s) for termination will be carefully discussed.

  • Human Resources has tools and templates available to help guide you through the appropriate process.

  • Terminations will be carefully scrutinized for the reason for termination, and for the following:

  • Federal and state protected class (see Protected Classes)

  • Employees who:

    • Recently filed for workers compensation

    • Recently filed a complaint to OSHA, the EEOC, or other government agencies

  • Pregnancy or other FMLA related events

What to do:

  • Contact HR

  • Prior to a Termination Decision, be sure that...

    • You have given the employee a Job Description (Letter of Expectation).

    • You have followed Policy 311- Corrective Action (given the employee an oral reprimand and written warning, unless the behavior was egregious).

    • There has been a thorough and fair assessment conducted collaboratively between HR and the supervisor.

    • Proper documentation of corrective action exists. (Does the personnel file support termination?)

    • Employees in similar circumstances have been treated similarly.

    • The individual has been able to tell her/his side of the story.

  • Remember: be considerate to all terminated employees! 

  • Contact Human Resources! All terminations of benefited employees require prior consultation with the department head/director and the Office of Human Resources.

  • Notification of Dismissal:see Policy 399 - Termination of Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff

    • Advanced notice of dismissal (or severance pay) is required if dismissal is after the introductory period, unless termination was "for cause".

    • Employees are not entitled to an advance notice of dismissal, or for severance:

      • For severe cause.
      • If dismissed before the end of the introductory period.
    • In cases of reduction-in-force, notification will be governed by the provisions of Policy 398 - Reduction in Force.

  • Prepare a written document stating the reason for the employee's dismissal.

    • Document should contain:

      • Statement summarizing the problems encountered
      • Attempts to correct, and
      • The cause assigned for dismissal.
    • Document will go to:

      • Supervisor; after the Termination Meeting
      • Personnel File; after the Termination Meeting
      • Employee; during the Termination Meeting
  • Hold a Termination Meeting

  • Complete termination EPAF in Banner. Submit it to the Office of Human Resources at least two weeks before the employee's termination date (if possible).

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