Creating EPAFs in Banner Quick Training

  1. "PPAIDEN" is the process that puts a person in the system and assigns an A#.  pdf instructions

  2. "NH" EPAFs take an existing person in the system and gives the person employee status (it also assigns this person a position).
    Instructions for "NH" EPAFs:

    • NH_MGA (New Hire Graduate Assistantship)

    • NH_SAL (New Hire Benefited Employee)

    • NH _MWH (New Hire Semi Monthly Job Assignment)

    • NH_NP (New Hire, No Pay/Volunteer)

    • NH_TN2 (New Hire Teaching No Benefits Job Assignment)

  3. "JB" EPAFs assign a specific position to an already existing employee.
    Instructions for "JB" EPAFs:

    • JB_MGA (Job Assignment Graduate Assistantship)
    • JB_SA (Job Assignment Benefited Employee)

    • JB_ADJ (Adjunct/Overload for Benefited Employees)

    • JB_SUM (Summer Months for Academic Year benefited Employees)

    • JB_MW2 (Semi Monthly Job Assignment)

    • JB_TN2 (Teaching No Benefits Job Assignment)

    • JB_NP (No Pay Assignment)

  1. "JC" EPAFs change information about an existing position or assignment.
    Instructions for "JC" EPAFs:

    • JC_TRM (Job Termination)

    • JC_STC (Job Change, Status Change for Benefited Employees)

    • JC_MWH (Job Change Semi-monthly set amount)

    • JC_WGH (Job Change Wage Hourly)

EPAF Decision Tree:

Last Updated on 05/20/2011

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