Organizational Hierarchy Profiles at USU

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Keep This in Mind

  • Financial Managers and PIs are responsible for university funds. The Organizational Hierarchy is a report to find this information quickly.


What to know:

  • The indexes and organizations that each Financial Manager are responsible for can be found under a specific Unit Code for their department.
    • Some Financial Managers might have more than one Unit Code depending on if they have funding for more than one department.
    • This report also shows the department and college the unit code is under.
  • The organizational hierarchy shows the person responsible for approving requisitions, invoices, and journal vouchers at certain levels. If this information is not correct:
    • Print the report and make the necessary changes.
    • Obtain the signature of the Financial Manager or Department Head. (It's required for these changes to be made.)
    • Send the corrections to Krista Bodrero at UMC 2400, fax 797-1025, or e-mail


What to do:

Managers go to Organizational Hierarchy.

  • Enter


    • Your COLLEGE CODE CLXXXX  (all caps)

    • Your DEPARTMENT CODE DPXXXX  (all caps)

    • Your UNIT CODE UXX999 (all caps)
  • Hit SUBMIT report

  • (Your organizational report, showing all active organizations and their indexes, will download.)

This report will show all active organizations and the indexes attached to them.



Last Updated on 3/18/2011