Non-Pictiorial View Instructions

What to do:

  • You will receive an email from the Controller's Office saying E-Print reports are ready.

  • Click on the E-Print link.

  • Enter your User ID and strong password. Click Enter.

  • This screen with a list of current month's reports will appear. Click on the report(s) you need for your Account Reconciliation.

(Note: Everyone will need Organizational Detail Activity and Budget Status reports for your Account Reconciliation. You may also need additional reports depending on instructions from your financial manager.)

    • For current month reports, click on the PDF icon.

      • A screen with selected current month's report will appear.
      • To print, click on Print icon. A Print Manager will appear on your screen.
        • For the entire report (i.e. all listed 'Funds ') Click OK
        • For specific "Fund', or a specific page, enter the page number(s) you would like to print. Click OK
    • For past month(s) reports, click on the drill icon.

      • A list of past months’ reports will appear.
      • Click PDF icon for the selected month.
      • A screen with the list of 'Funds' will appear.

(Note: It is a good practice to print and staple together all reports you need to reconcile.)

      • To print, follow instructions as above for the current month's reports.
  • Reconcile the transactions and details of the Banner Reports against original receipts/invoices and expected transactions.

  • Sign and date the reports on the first or last page. Give the reports and original receipts to your manager for review.

  • Once your manager is finished with the Account Reconciliation review, he/she will send back to you the report(s) and original receipts. File and maintain these for 5 years.

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